Membership Information

Joining the Group

We’re pleased you have decided for you or your child to join TMT Scouts as either a Joey, Cub, Scout, Venturer or Rover.

Please submit your application to the Group Leader together with the membership fee.

Annual membership fees are due for renewal in March each year.

Please purchase a uniform shirt and hat within a few weeks of joining.  We suggest that the shirt is big enough to last a few years as they will be sewing on proficiency badges and you may not wish to sew them all on again!

We provide our members with the section book, scarf and woggle.

Full details are given in our information pack available from our Group Leader on request.


We provide our members with the section book, scarf and woggle.

The core uniform is a dark blue shirt with the relevant youth section colour across the sleeves, yoke and collar; a blue webbing belt; and a maroon scarf and woggle. The style of clothing to be worn below the waist should be tailored slacks or skirt.

For all official occasions and functions these garments should be sandstone.  Jeans, grey slacks, knee length shorts or skirts may be worn for Group meetings. Members should dress appropriately for the type of activity in which they are participating

Neat, practical footwear is to be worn. Individual choice of black or brown shoes, boots or joggers.

All components of the uniform can be purchased online from, the Official Scouts Australia Online Store with free standard postage within Australia.

Leaders & Volunteers

We need volunteers from the parent community to be leaders and helpers.  Roles range from leaders and assistant leaders of a group, to committee members and helpers at events.

The rewards of Scouting leadership are lasting and beneficial as you help guide young members into responsible and productive young adults. The scouting association offers self-paced training and leadership development courses giving you the opportunity to achieve a number of industry recognised qualifications.

In addition to being a leader, there are many other ways to contribute including den maintenance, promotions, parent liaison, organising fundraising, accounts and website.

We also welcome people with specialist skills and knowledge to share them with the youth members and assist them towards achieving proficiency badges.

Camps & Permission Forms

Any activity conducted away from the den requires a Parent Permission form called a C4.

The relevant form with details of the event will be sent to you by the group leader or person conducting the activity.

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